NNSCI Dennis Laczynski Scholarship Program


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Since 2001, Northern Nevada Chapter of Safari Club International has provided scholarships to numerous undergraduate students attending the University of Nevada, Reno, an affiliate or a major college in the area that supports the mission of the Northern Nevada Safari Club International. The chapter’s scholarship committee makes all annual scholarship selections based on student achievement, need and their contributions to Nevada’s wildlife. Most scholarship students major in wildlife management or a closely related field, but we’ve awarded scholarships to pre-med students, education majors and others who have contributed to Nevada’s wildlife and sportsmen and who indicate a desire to continue those efforts.

Over the first fifteen years that the Northern Nevada Chapter of SCI has been providing scholarships to local area students, we have gifted over $125,050 to 132 Scholars, with our first scholarship being awarded in 2001 to Jeremy Drew and continuing through our most recent 2017 selections listed below. The NNSCI scholarship committee is now accepting & reviewing applications for our 2018-19 scholarship selections.


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