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NNSCI Officers

  1. Gavin Chodera,  President,  [email protected]
  2. Michael Jacobs, Vice President, [email protected]
  3. Terry Melby,  Secretary,  [email protected]
  4. Casey Gipson,  Treasurer,  [email protected]

NNSCI Directors

  1. Brandon Weise,  Director and past President,  [email protected]
  2. Mike Aiazzi,  Director,  [email protected]
  3. Ashton Caselli,  Director, [email protected]
  4. Brian Casci,  Director,  [email protected]
  5. Fran Jacobs,  Director,  [email protected]
  6. Chuck Flagg, Director, [email protected]
  7. Zac Harrison,  Honorary Director,  [email protected]
  8. Jeff Nunez,  Honorary Director,  [email protected]

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